i feel good and happy at this moment. exercise really does wonders!

well…. looking at my friend’s page.. i got tagged by tiff!

I love fashion! so, here goes…

Your three favourite colours for clothes: red, white and black!

Your accessory weakness: watches! (ok, the thing that came to my mind first was earrings, but i realised i could do WITHOUT earrings, but never a watch!)

Your favourite gem: mich aka unpolished_gem! ok. real gems = diamonds. girl’s best friend, innit?

Your favourite clothing: jeans! or racer backs!

Your must have jewellery: never used to have, now it’s the diamond earrings my bro and mum got me slightly more than 2 months back!

Your watch: i have a watch fetish. picture says a thousand words..

Watch fashion, my watch collection - Fashion meme
part of my collection…

Your favourite pair of jeans: eve. my levis

Your favourite designer: no one. anything that makes me look good goes!

Hmmm.. im tagging those that owns a branded wallet!

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