pink face. i looked like a monkey.

am waiting for my body to cool down before i hit the showers.

a run in the park. 10 rounds. i can feel my body getting better with each round, clocking a faster timing per round as i run more and more.

it feels great to know that your body is getting better and fitter.. just months ago.. i will be panting at the 4 or 5 round and struggling to finish. i just need to push myself more.

i cant wait for the next jog with my juniors. as seah so aptly put it the other day..who says you cannot run?!

ok. that was to ‘suan’ me cos i kept whining and whining about how old and rusty im getting cos i haven’t been exercising regularly for the loOOoooooOOOOoooooongest time.

i guess im still there mentally.

time to hit the showers!

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