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Phonics lessons in the dark

Last night was one of those nights.. Where both der and me were frigging tired but we had a baby who wanted nothing but attention from us.

OMG. Don’t you just. Hate. Moments. Like. This.

Like you are on the brink of losing your sanity, but can’t do anything much about it. The baby doesn’t want milk, doesn’t want sleep and all he wants is to be out of the cot and cuddle.

I couldn’t take it anymore and took out the ipad, and had phonics on loop for the kid. In the dark. And ensuring that there is way enough safe distance between the kid and the light source… and promptly flopped back into bed.

Don’t judge. Don’t we all have one of these days?

I’m sharing mine, because I ain’t no perfect mum and I guess all we ever want to be, is to be the best we can.. but when we cant, at least we tried.  No point banging ourselves up right? We ain’t supermans/super heros.

Have you done something similar too? Share if you did! I would love to hear!!