Conversations with the husband #6 

Honestly, I don’t really know if the conversations are funny, or irritating and totally a pain in the arse but I choose to see the humour side of things because this is one person that I need to spend the rest of my life with, and my mantra is all about living and being happy so I process everything with a pinch of salt.

The husband was irritating the hell outta me earlier and I was on the brink of exploding and trying scheme against him when I suddenly had a *light bulb moment*

C: stop irritating me, else I’ll go back home, take your watches and do giveaways on my blog one by one! Let’s start with the daytona.
D: woah. . Easy there.  Easy there. *flash me an innocent smile*
C: *feeling triumph and imagining that I’m pumping fist in air*

Conversations with the husband #7 

We were walking to the market for him to get a haircut from his usual stylist in the neighbourhood salons and I got hit by a big droplet of water on my head.
C: shit! What was that?! *looks up and see trees*
D: hmm. I think it’s bird shit! (Totally gloating and happy while saying this)
C: *touches wet hair* oh really?! *smears the water from the hair onto his face*
D: hey!!!!!
C: HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAA!!!!! (Having the last laugh)

P.s. The picture of Jerome is totally random. Simply because he’s quite cute with his out of bed hair.. A little like astro boy.

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