Jerry in uniform

Smartie Jerry in his school uniform.

Parents teachers meeting or teachers parents meeting? I can never ever remember which is which… but i guess it doesnt matter anyway. You guys know what i am talking about right?

Towards the very end of last year.. Der & me went for our second PTM.

Well, what we heard isnt surprising – he has a very comprehensive vocabulary for his age, can understand and speak most of what the teachers and everyone else is saying, but have a issue with following instructions (HA!) and routines.

his gross and fine motor skills are shining through as well and he loves to play with wooden blocks and puzzles , but i cannot help but note that there this liner in the report that says – Child relaxes body in quiet sedentary situations – and it was marked rarely. HAHA. That’s my super active kid for you.

he’s not toilet trained yet, and i think we have to start doing it soon. Honestly, we tried and i guess there is the issue of inconsistency and recently, whenever we tried it.. he wants to wear his diapers back! ¬†Urgh. There are still some success occasions where i let him wear his fire truck underpants (fire trucks/engines are his favourite things now) and he wears them happily. He doesnt leak pee and is able to control his bladder to pee on demand, but we need to work on his obsession with wearing diapers. heh.

Pretend play - Jerry pushes around a self-made fire truck

Jerry’s mega block creation – a fire truck!

In the anecdotal record that was provided to us, there was the above picture of Jerry building the above structure using mega blocks, and pushed it around the school exclaiming that its a fire truck to everyone, complete with making the sounds of the siren.

So i guess all its good.. except we need to work on routines and toilet training.

P.s. I find his self portrait above hilarious! I can’t help but keep laughing about it. he’s looks so wide-eyed and looking quite like an elf with his ears pointing out, and his hair… makes him look as though he has a BIG HEAD. tickles me to no end. The husband actually likes it! A LOT! Hmm…..

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