Happy 3rd Birthday, Jerry!  Mummy & Daddy loves you loads!

p.s. Just be more obedient and listen to us ok? 

Birthday Celebrations of Brenda, Jerry & Levon

Birthday Celebrations of Brenda, Jerry & Levon

My precious first born, Jerry turned 3 years old earlier this week on 5 May. We held 3 separate celebrations for him, one for my relatives, one for der’s relatives and one at the school. It was a weekend of madness and I am still trying to recover from all.

The blog has taken a back seat this week because I have been so tired out from fighting sleep issues with Jerry in recent weeks, and he has been up way past midnight.. at 1am? 1.30am? 2.30am? He is at the stage where he fights sleep and can stay awake in the dark for more than an hour with wide eyes? I’m pretty much zombified. Only 2 days ago, i decided that it was a battle that’s not worth fighting. I just let him be and go get my stuff done. He, on the other hand, just wants to linger around me.

In the above picture, Jerry celebrates his birthday with his cousins – Brenda who was born one day before him, and Levon, who shares the same birthday but is one year older. It was a simple affair with lovely home-cooked food by my aunty and uncle and this year, the boys each get their own cake and its none other than their favourite Disney Cars!

And oh, just days before his 3rd birthday, he declares that he doesn’t want to wear diapers anymore! So he is officially off diapers in the day, and only wears them through the night. So far, all is good except one or two incidents where we couldn’t get to the toilet in time.

Will blog about his other birthday celebration soon! If you haven’t already know.. it’s a Disney Cars themed party.