am currently on vacation in hong kong, lazing around and not doing much.

thats us checking into the hotel! the hotel looks pretty but the room is so tiny, I feel crammed with 3 of us in it. miss the prudential hotel that I last stayed in when I was here.

in the tiny lift. we survived the flight with the little bub and just us two. its the first trip where there is only 3 of us, and Der & me were kinda nervous since our kid is so hyper. although he suddenly sprung awake when he got into the plane, he was only handful for a short while and went back into dreamland while we fed him milk when plane was ascending. prior to that, he was playing with the seat buckle, buckling himself up and clapping his hands when he did it correctly. I took a video of it but too lazy to upload videos (read: long, time consuming process).

our room, and that was it. I took the picture from outside the door. 2 steps to the toilet and 3 to the door. this could be the smallest hotel that I stayed in ever.

did I ever mention that my son looooves the telephone? he’s perpectually on the line and mumbling some stuff to the dial tone on the other line. I had to hide the phone in safe so he doesn’t play with it all the time. argh.


by the time we settled in at the hotel, it was already 2plus in the afternoon. and to think we arrived at 10am.


when traveling with a kid, always go slow and don’t expect too much. we also had a hard time on the mtr with a luggage and stroller and I think the situation here is worse than singapore. we took the airport express and everyone squeezed in front of me to get into the train and by the time I got in, all the seats were taken up, baby in stroller had no space near any seats and couldnt move down the aisle with lugguages blocking so we had to stand at the luggage storage area, and everyone just stared on at the pregnant women standing beside the stroller with a sleeping baby. I think they are mostly chinese, from the main land. argh. I also had a Caucasian couple squeeze past me to get into the train earlier. Wtf are these people doing? same on mtr. everyone uses the big gantry gate and no one bothered to give way though we were the only ones with the stroller. they just don’t stop and continue about their business. the mtr stations aint as friendly as ours so we had to wait for the lift and people just squeeze past you to get in even though u are there first with a stroller and luggage. I got left standing outside staring at the people that disgustingly snatched my place in lift a few times. goodness. I really feel blessed that our Singapore transport system is really quite friendly to get around when you have a stroller and people generally would give way for the big gated ganties in the same situation.


because of that, it took us a long time to arrive at hotel.

winter cap that I though was really cute.


we spent the first day heading to festival walk shopping at kowloon tong (didnt buy anything except 3 necklace). my back was hurting quite badly and I think it was because I slept on the plane sitting up and create some stress on my back so we decided to head back to the hotel to rest and feed jerry his medication. it didn’t help that I was suffering from a queasy stomach and kept running to the toilet too puke. I puked so much, I think I scared myself a little. I barely ate anything!

our light dinner just before returning to hotel. halfway through, I was struggling to keep food down and I had to half run back to the hotel to puke!


we chilled around in room before I declared that I am hungry. we had sushi in the fridge and fried rice but the sight of it made me wanna puke so I drag the hubby and baby downstairs to walk the stretch of temple street. its just right across the street from our hotel! I wanted something sweet to curb the queasiness and found this!

I also ordered a mango pudding with a fruits platter and xo carrot cake. junk food agrees wjth my stomach! I kept these in and was quite happy about it.


that sorta concluded our first day here.

here’s a picture of the apartment across my street. at a glance, I could see all the items within the entire house, what they were doing, what they were wearing, what is on their tv screen and how they spend their nights at home. scary. it means they can see my room too. and we came to the conclusion that our shoebox apartments are definitely better in terms of space allocation, proximity between the blocks are still a bigger distance away and not as crazily expensive as compared to properties here.


the 2 boys are still in bed while I type this. we’ll spend today eating, going harbour city for shopping and then meeting up der’s relatives for a meal tonight. am not likely to pack anything touristy on this trip!

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