maternity fashion is the topic i’m gonna talk about today! I’m passionate about it because I believe in looking good regardless.

I almost never get a seat on the trains, even when my tummy is swaying on the trains in the faces of the commuters. I even once had a guy standing beside me snatch the ‘reserved’ seat when its finally vacated. goodness really. I think there could be three scenarios:
1. they are blind
2. they lack the basic courtesy or empathy
3. they simply don’t bother or dont think I deserve the seat

I secretly suspect its also partly due to my dressing. I think I don’t dress like the typically pregnant women in loose fitting clothes. almost 95% of the time, I’m in fitting clothes that clings on to my skin.

ootd: necklace from diva, blank maternity tank top from asos maternity, stretchy skirt from pull & bear, Casio watch, longchamp tote and ferragamo jellies.


I don’t look preggers in the above picture, right?

here’s the side profile! definitely very pregnant. that’s me, yesterday when I left the office at 11pm.


here’s some other outfits on other occasions.

ootd: chain necklace from h&m, fuchsia maternity tank from h&m mama, forever 21 stretchable yoga pants, Cole hann sandals and lesportsac slingbag.

ootd: h&m chunky necklace, grey maternity tank top from gap (from my first pregnancy!), loef Harlem pants, and Melissa jellies.

ootd: tank top from asos, maternity jeans from asos maternity (also from first pregnancy), Melissa jellies and lesportsac sling bag.

ootd: tank and jeans repeats in a different coordinate, with m)phosis necklace and glass ring from Venice, paired with Melissa & Daniel Wu jellies.

ootd: asos ice cream themed sleeveless top, red shorts from cotton on, m)phosos necklace, ferragamo jellies and a brandless orange tote.


other times, I’m in empire dresses but I don’t bother to take pictures of those since its rather boring! there are other stuff that I didn’t get the chance/time to take pictures of as well. but since I’m at it, I just thought I’ll share some ‘tips’ on maternity wear.


where to buy?


I usually buy from, they are cheap, good, stylish and very affordable as compared to what the local shops has to offer, plus they constantly have something on sale so you can be sure to find something that suits your budget. they also have a super wide range from casuals to formal and even something suitable for weddings at affordable rates! maternity bottoms/skirts usually ranges from $50 onwards in the local shops, but my favourite maternity demin miniskirt from asos only cost me $17 with free shipping. I love their super stretchable tank tops, bottoms, casuals and nursing tops. very good quality material and fitting and I am still wearing the maternity tanks day in and out for the past 2 years ever since I gotten then previously (even during those times that I wasn’t preggers) because they were so comfy and no one could tell it was a maternity top. plus point? high durability. despite my high frequency in wearing them (almost once or twice every week), it still looks new and there isn’t any fraying or pilling after so long.


h&m singapore. this was a find that I accidentally chanced upon where I was shopping for baby clothes one day. its just located right outside the baby section on level 3 in the singapore outlet. they have a limited range of tops, dresses, bottoms, nursing bras, shirts and all. the tops are very affordable. I snagged a tank at $14.90? think the bottoms start from $39.90 onwards. I do have a grouse about the placement of the merchandise though. they placed it on the level where its with the kids and mens clothing and the only fitting rooms on that level are for the mens and no ladies are allowed. its stupid really, do you expect a pregnant lady to go up and down the levels to queue at the fitting rooms downstairs? besides, the fitting room queues are always so long on the ladies level! I didn’t bother to buy the bottoms from here because of this reason. too much hassle.


I also have a couple of items from old navy  but their range is quite limited, and a little boring. I didn’t check them out this time round though, since I have enough items to last me through.


what size to buy?


this is one of the most common question people ask but its really easy! just buy the same sizes that you would before you are preggers. I’m a size 8 so my pregnancy clothes are all in size 8. if you think you put on a lot of weight, you might wanna size up 1 size but I don’t really recommend because fitting clothes usually looks nicer than loose fitting clothes. besides, maternity clothes are usually slightly more stretchable (material dependent) or slightly more roomy.


don’t buy too much!


there is only 9 months or less to utilize these clothes. so just buy a few tops, a few bottoms, a mix of casuals and work clothes and then mix away! go through your wardrobe again and you’ll be bound to find stuff that still can fit you through some stages. else, buy non maternity sun dresses/maxi dresses or empire cut dresses that you can make good use of post pregnancy.


looking good in colors.


I don’t know about others, but I love being deck in bright clothes, whether I’m preggers or not. but I do realise a lot of the maternity stuff out there has boring dull colors so its always refreshing to see someone in bright colors. I super love my fuchsia tank top. people bound to notice you and somehow, bright colors add some cheer to the mood. that however, doesn’t quite guarantee that people would spot you on the train and offer you a seat though!


get a belly tube.


most tank tops would still be likely to fit but they will be shorter and showing part of your belly as you progress through your pregnancy. wearing a belly tube really lets you utilize your existing clothes as much as possible into your pregnancy. I was desperately looking for one the last time round but wasn’t willing to pay $50 or.more for the ones I found. this time round, I found h&m mama having selling a pair of black and white for just $19.90. affordable right?


accessorize, accessorize, accessorize!


a chunky necklace, a string of pearls or a funky ring or bangles will spruce up your outfit loads. or you could wear a scarf or a shawl to add more flavours to your outfit. you’ll be surprised how different it’ll be and really, it takes the attention off your clothes that you’ll be seen repeating often!

hope these tips helps! I wanted to write more but seriously, I gotta catch some winks for the next 2 hours and I’ll have to go catch my flight, so good night. if you have questions, you can drop me a comment and ask away. i’ll be away in hk without my laptop though so please do pardon me if I don’t reply soon.

have a great weekend people! I’ll be rocking down the shopping streets of hk!