the french ladle
2 pandan valley (inside pandan valley condominium)
#01-206 (s) 597626
for reservations, call 6467 7505


opening hours
tue – fri: 12-3pm (lunch), 6-10pm (dinner)
sat: 10am-3pm (brunch), 6-10pm (dinner)
sun: 12-3pm (brunch), 6-10pm (dinner)
closed on mondays


i read about the french ladle some time back and have been wanting to check it out for a while so i jumped at the chance on saturday morning when der asked me what to eat.


i have been raring to try their foie gras only to realise that they serve brunch menus on weekends and foie gras is only available for dinner. bummer! guess i only had myself to blame for not doing any research prior or making any reservation.


the french ladle is a small, laid back and cosy restaurant with only a few tables (30 seater) so i would really recommend reservations, especially for dinner. i overheard that their reservations are full for the night while i was there.

nice little touches of the decor. its a self serving restaurant – you check the menu, order at the counter and pay up, and wait for the food to be served. you can help yourself to the cups for the ice water.

jerry was in a baby chair beside me and jerome was sleeping in a stroller, so der was busy candy crushing away while i entertained jerry. i dont blame him (he’s busy catching up with me, lol!).

sausage and sunny side up kiddy meal for jerry. pretty run of the mill.

duck confit. it looks pretty good though i didnt get to try this. i was feeding jerry and when i looked up, the hungry der had already polished his plate clean, so i reckon its quite good.

my ribeye steak. its soft, tender, juicy and done perfectly to the medium rare doneness i have asked for. its one of the better steaks i have eaten lately. do expect to wait a bit though, since the food are all freshly cooked from scratch upon your order.


we’ll definitely be back soon! we both agreed that the food taste very good! i am so craving for the foie gras still, and i want to try their escargots and desserts. its gonna need some planning since i dont stay anywhere near.


i also bumped into a colleague who was working on her work laptop (!!) in the restaurant at the table beside me while waiting for her kids. ahh.. the life of people in my office, i am soooo not looking forward it to. having said that, saturday also mark the last one month when i’ll be on leave. heading back to work in 4 weeks!