I love accessorizing, especially necklaces. some of you might remember that i posted a collection of my necklaces on instagram some time back. and yup, necklaces are a HUGE part of me… and then, there are the occasional bracelets and rings that i wear.


When motherhood descended on me when i first had Jerry, i stopped wearing necklaces for more than a year. I couldn’t stand the thought of the baby putting the costume jewellery into his mouth because i don’t even know if the materials were safe! A lot of my pieces are metal stuff and i am often freaked out when the baby mouthes them. And then, there was the yanking too so i stopped wearing necklaces altogether.

It really took a big part out of my lifestyle because i love wearing necklaces and somehow, it always felt as if something is missing without them.

and then, guess what?! After i had Jerome, I recently discovered there are teething jewellery available that are safe for babies chew and mummy to wear! BEST INVENTION EVER. Brilliant idea totally, fashion and motherhood can now co-exist!

Bubblegum - Gumigem Teething Necklace that's safe for babies.

Gumigem Teething Necklace (Miller Heart in Bubblegum)

The kind folks from MamaLavie sent me one for me review and im totally delighted at trying it! Here are some highlights of the product:

The Gumigem necklaces/pendants..

  • are made from non-toxic silicone and is BPA free.
  • help your baby manage teething – biting down helps relieve pressure and pain
  • entertain your baby’s little hands when breastfeeding
  • specially designed so that mums (or dads!) can wear them safely through baby’s grabbing phase.
Baby chomping on Gumigem BPA Free teething necklace

Jerome happily chomping on the BPA free teething necklace.

When Jerome was 7 months old, he was happily chomping away on the pendant each time i wear it when we head out. It’s quite a niffy tool – it keeps the baby occupied with something and naturally, they are more settled and less cranky. Me love!

Cherie modeling with the Gumigem Teething Necklace, Miller Heart Bubblegum.

#ootd (Outfit of the day) with the Gumigem Miller Heart Teething Necklace!

I like that most of the pendants colors are bright, making it very much a fashion statement (lifts dull clothes to a colorful state) and at the same time, attracts the attention of the baby, who would definitely, grab at it.  One necklace – dual purposes.

Interestingly, the necklace is definitely a good investment. at 7 months, Jerome chomps at it non stop, and now, at 11 months.. he is still going at it.

Miller Heart pendant Teething necklace

Jerome fervently chewing on the Miller Heart pendant.

Necklace for teething baby

Jerome enjoying the necklace as much as i do!

The necklace is also super easy to maintain. With all that chomping, surely one would be freaked out by the cleanliness or the germs/bacteria that could possibly be on it? Simply give the pendant a light wash with soap and warm water and its as good as new. If you aren’t confident enough and wants it to be entirely clean and safe, you can also pop it into the dishwasher or the sterilizer! how cool is that?

Baby loves the Gumigen Teether pendant.

Jerome totally loves it!

Another plus point of the necklace is that it has a ‘breakaway’ clasp. The clasp break open when baby tugs really hard at it so your neck wont be hurt at all! The necklace breaks free and you wont be lunged forward by the baby tug. The product is pretty well-thought out and made for the user in mind, though i would prefer a thicker string on the necklace. There are times where i feel the string does cut a little into my skin before the breakaway clasp works so i guess it still can be improved. That said, i’m still very much impressed at the niffy necklace because there is so much good about it.

Was so eyeing the Zebula Miller Heart the other time (it totally rocks up my alley) but unfortunately was out of stock so i got the bubblegum instead. I think it makes a great gift for mothers-to-be or mothers having a new baby.

Now, here’s the exciting part! Because you guys are so sporting to read all the way to the end of this (quite) long entry, here’s a chance for you to win one! In fact, I have 4 items to give away to 4 winners in total!

Gumigem Miller Heart Teething Necklace

Gumigem Teething Necklace – Miller Heart (Green Zest)

1. Miller Heart Pendant in Green Zest

Gumigem Bubba Teething Bangle in Shadow

Gumigem Bubba Bangle in Shadow

2. Bubba Bangle in Shadow

3 & 4. $10 MamaLavie evouchers (for Gumigem products) each

Simply take part in the rafflecopter giveaway below to win! Gumigem & MamLavie is also super generous to offer a 15% discount to all my readers. Do visit their store and check out with this discount code – CHERIELADI (Note: it is spelt without the ‘e’ and it is not a typo!).

Good luck for the giveaway and have fun shopping!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Point to note – The prizes will be given out in accordance to the list of the winners, i.e. first winner will the Miller Heart teething necklace, the 2nd winner will win the Bubba Bangle and so on. All winners will be notified by email and please reply within 48hrs from the time my email is sent, else another winner will be picked to replace the original winner for the prize that has forfeited.

//edit: 27 Jan 2014, 2.12pm.

Congratulations to the winners!  I’ll be sending you an email shortly and please respond within 48 hours from the time the email is sent else another winner will be picked. Thank you!

Disclaimer: I received a Gumigem Teething Necklace for review purposes only.  No other form of compensation has been received. All views and opinions are my own.