I must be the last person to blog about it. last week, we were invited to the official opening of polliwogs @ Robertson!

I previously blogged about visiting the place and you can read all about it here, so imagine my excitement when I got the invitation in my mailbox! I had to bug the husband to bring us there!

when I reached, I was thrilled to see a few familiar faces!

photo courtesy of delphine

bumped into delphine and veraday whose blogs I have been reading and following for ages! I couldnt help but also gush at Naomi who was oh so adorable!

and also snapped a gazillion pictures of Adam in the ball pit.

he is so cute and lovely, I had to resist the urge to pinch his cheeks. (just saying! I won’t do it cos I know how it feels if anyone pinches jerry’s cheeks)

aunty wants to bring you home! lol.

my super active son in comparison. I was trying to take a picture of both Adam and him and this happened.. he picked up a ball and put it to his mouth! *mummy screams thinking of all the germs.and dirt* ok. I think you know how anal I am now.. (proceeded to wipe/clean his mouth and ball with white diaper cloth)

is it that tasty?!

the husband trying to bury the kid..

mummy got buried instead.

thereafter, I left the husband and son to their own devices and found a quite spot (this is hard cos the place was brimming with people and kids), plonked myself down and rested. I get tired easily these days and all those running kids can be quite a hazard while I was carrying extra baggage on my tummy. I was also in no condition to navigate the tunnels and all in my condition so I just tried to surf around on my mobile.

there was a speech and then the wacking of the polliwogs pinata. the kids all went crazy snatching the sweets and I swear, maybe 1 or 2 adults too. heh.

i think we spent close to 3 hours and it was nearing jerry’s bedtime so we left. the bub promptly k.o. on the car the moment we strapped him in and fed him his milk. I believe he must have had a lot of fun running and crawling about and tackling the slides!

Disclaimer: We were invited to the Grand Opening of Polliwogs Robertson Walk and no other form of compensation was given.