Jerry the Sleeping Beauty

We woke up bright and early today. It’s a long day ahead, planing a day out at Universal Studio with my mum and my brother and then, attending a wedding dinner tonight. I was the first to wake, followed by Jerry who insist on snuggling with me the moment he opens his eyes. Gonna love these moments because I know they won’t last forever.

I woke the husband and then cheeky Jerry decided to hide under the covers when i attempted to take a picture of him. I keep flicking the covers off only to have him pull it back on to cover his face. This went on for a while and triggered the following conversation.

D: What are you doing?

C: I’m trying to take a picture of my sleeping beauty. Don’t disturb me.

D: Sleeping beauty?! (sounding incredulous)

C: Uh huh.. yar…

D: You mean Sleeping NAUGHTY..

C: Hahahahahahaa. No. My Sleeping Beauty.

Trust the husband to come up with all sorts of nonsense like that, but I sure ain’t complaining. Sure brought loads of laughter into my life!

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