Things Jerry says – the little traffic conductor

We have been teaching the kid about traffic lights since a long time ago.. when he was still in the stroller and I used to push him around everywhere. I believe in empowering him with the knowledge from young so he doesn’t run across traffic lights and know the basic traffic rules, right from the moment he understands me. I’m paranoid that way. Part of the reason is that i used to have a really really smart classmate in primary school and one day, he didn’t check for the cars while crossing and got hit. He was in coma for months and when he got out of it, he is never the same again and the lesson stayed with me for life. (sorry, being a little emo here!)

So recently, this little one is irritating the hell outta me in car rides.

J: mummy! It’s red light! Papa stop the car!!
Me: yes, that’s correct jerry!
*lights turns green, but we are still waiting for the cars in front to move off*
J: mummy!!!! Papa!!! It’s green light already eh!! It’s green light already!! Can go!!! Papa can go!!

Me: Jerry… there are cars in front. Didn’t mummy say you have to look at the traffic, watch out for the cars first? There is a bus right in front, if papa drives the car forward, we’ll bang the bus!

J: mummy! The bus moves already!!!!

Me: *sighs*

(rinse and repeat and every single junction)

Do you start teaching your kids about traffic rules since young? and how young do you start? I started when Jerry is about 18 months? Do share your experience if you have started teaching your kids about traffic rules too!

Meanwhile, here’s some basic and well-enforced “traffic rules” of mine. If you are planning to start, you could use this list as reference! You’re welcome.

1. No running in the carpark. Always hold mummy’s/papa’s/whoever’s hand while in the carpark.

2. No running on the road. Always hold hands.

3. Watch out for the Green man. Green man means you can walk. Red man means you cannot cross

4. Wait for the cars to stop even though the Green man is on. Check for cars – look left, look right, and look left again before crossing.

5. No talking while crossing the road. Pay attention to the cars around you.

6. No running when there are cars in sight! (I use this mainly for pavements or roadside because im worried the kid might just dash out to the road)

I also make it a point to describe to the kid what happens if he get knocked by a car – it would be very very painful, he will break his bones and likely end up in the hospital and may possibly die and not see mama/papa anymore. Morbid I know, but i guess the truth works? While i try not to instill fear in my kids, this is one exception for me. I do what it takes to eliminate the chance of potentially losing them forever.

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