Conversations with the husband #2.

Sofa shopping.

Furniture Shopping – looking for a sofa!

so, we have been shopping non stop every weekend or on the days the husb gets to leave work earlier for the home. furniture, appliances, toilet accessories, basins, faucets, lightings or some times, just for ideas and inspiration.

while browsing in a furniture shop one day and spotting a wardrobe that has anti-slam door systems and drawers..

c: woah! i like!
d: what you like about it?
c: the doors and the drawers of the wardrobe, all fitted with the anti-slam thingy. i think we must have that in our house for our wardrobes (we have only planned to have it in the kitchen thus far)
d: why? kitchen have good enough what.
c: hmmm.. i see it as marriage maintenance. you know. if anyone of us gets angry, we can’t slam the doors/drawers no matter what. even if you really slam, no sound at all. the other party won’t get angrier. wheeeee… don’t you think its a brilliant idea? shall we? shall we?
d: *ignores me and walks away*