Father & son conversation

Conversation between Dad & kid.

(Husband munching on some chocolates at 11pm at night and jerry came running out of the room after me because I got fed up with trying to put him into bed after 1 hr. Upon exiting, he sees der munching on some stuff…)

Jerry: papa! What are you eating?
Papa: jerry! Why are you not sleeping?
Jerry: hmm.. because I want to come out and see what you are eating.

Right. This kid.. I think he’s too smart for his own good. Grrrrrrr. I know a lot of you are gonna exclaim. . OMG! So cute!!!

I know. I can feel you all, but I also need some empathy on how my time is wasted doing nothing in the dark for hours and the mission (putting the kid into bed) is not being accomplished. #timenotenough

Am going crazy these days battling bedtimes with this kid. I need some baseball bats to knock him out cold, or does anyone has any brilliant idea to share?

Panda eyes mummy here seriously need some help before i go insane. #sleepdeprived

p.s. Can you also see the smug look on der’s face? I think he is seriously proud that the son managed to stump him for a moment with the answer he gave.

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