am starting this series of “conversations with the husband” to jot down the funny snippets of conversations between the husband and me. I find some of the conversations that we have totally wacky, and some times, just plain irritating. should be fun noting them down.

tulips bouquet

bouquet of tulips

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[was sharing with husb on a girlfriend who had to hint very very hard for the bf to give her a bouquet of flowers]

c: what is it that guys dont get about sending flowers to their girlfriends? (actually indirectly directing the message to husb as well)
d: hmmm… [silence]
c: aiyah, i know already. next time i don’t bother hinting. i should just go select my bouquet of flowers and then enter your credit card details. so much easier, and confirm the bouquet i will like!
d: wah! that’s daylight robbery.
c: no what. it saves you all the trouble you know? and you will always have a happy wife. oh, mother’s day is coming you know? hee hee hee!
d: Ooooi!!!! you go send yourself a bouquet with the money from your sons’ bank accounts. dont touch my credit card. you are THEIR mother, not mine!

guys: you know what? a flower or a bouquet of flowers will make a girl’s day regardless of whether she likes the flowers a not.. because its the thought of giving or the surprise element that makes someone’s day. it’s not about the money. but of cos, the bigger the bouquet, the wider the smile? LOL.

hopefully, someday, the husband gets it it on the flower bit. and as for mother’s day, i also hope he realises that i bore him 2 sons and went through 18 months of discomfort and intense pain and it was HE who made me a mother.. so all the more i deserve a gift from him… no?


besides, mother’s day always come before father’s day… so i dont really see how he is going to lose out.