So Jerome has been rather expressive and talks a lot more fluently lately. It is somewhat a joy to hear him speak in proper sentences and explaining himself at times..

Last night, a hilarious exchange happened. Jerome had a bag of bread bits which he treats like a bag of treasure. This kid loves his food and is forever eating non stop. One moment, the bag was full and the next moment, he has only 2 pieces left..

Jerome: Mummy! I got 2 pieces left. One for you and one for me.
Mummy: Oh, that’s very nice of you. Thank you!
Jerome: *Flashes a smile and goes on with doing his stuff*

I headed to the kitchen where Der is and asked randomly…

Mummy: Did Jerome finish the entire bag of bread by himself?
Der: Ya.. (and excitedly) and he has 2 pieces left.. he say one is for me and one for him.
Mummy: REALLY?! I thought he said it was meant for me! By the way.. there is only 1 last piece left in the bag…

I walk back to the living room where Jerome is…


Mummy: Jerome, I thought you have 2 pieces of bread left. What happened to the other one?
Jerome: I eat already!
Mummy: Is the last piece for me then?
Jerome: No!!! It’s for papa!
Der: (laughing in the background)
Mummy: What?! Didn’t you tell me earlier that 1 is for me.. and 1 is for you? What happened to my piece?
Jerome: Never mind la mummy. Next time ah ma will buy some more for you. Hahaha.. *sheepish grin*
Der: (laughing even louder and gloating while at it)
Mummy: Mummy is so sad! Mummy has no bread!
Jerome: (looks a little worried and comes over to give me a hug to console me)
Jerry: (interjects earnestly) Mummy! Don’t worry, I will pull the bread into 2 pieces and 1 for you, 1 for papa ok?

I really have to give it to Jerry. He really is a quick thinker and an effective problem solver who is so politically correct! I’m secretly quite impressed with him. It’s so fun to talk to the kids these days.

Today, we are off for a family wedding and the boys are doing page boy duties for a pool side wedding! It is their first time, and I wonder if they will be up for it. If you want to check them out, follow me on Facebook or Instagram if you want real time updates! Meanwhile, it’s cleaning papa and babysitter mama for now while we prep for the wedding later.

I wish you a great weekend! And oh, if you enjoyed this post, read the other Things Jerry Says posts!