Jerry obsessing over his Optimus Prime Trailer...

Jerry obsessing over his Optimus Prime Trailer…

If you haven’t already know. This kid is obsessing over Transformers right now. He has been going on and on about Optimus Prime trailer toy for the loooooooogest time, talking about it every single day and somewhat drove me nuts. I can’t quite believe how persistent and single minded he is for this toy. He talked about it every day, requested us to buy for him all the time, grabbed it every time he goes to the store until I gave up and started on the concept of being on good behaviour to earn the toy himself.

He’s probably too young for this at a few months past 3 years, but never try never know.

Jerry's Optimus Prime Trailer Fund Project

Jerry’s Optimus Prime Trailer Fund Project

Each day, I will give him 50 cents or a dollar to reward him for his good behaviour and it went on for a while.. and I got too busy and forgot about giving him the money. Haha! It is a good exercise nonetheless, and he was holding his funds everywhere he went until it got a little too heavy and I told him to safekeep in a drawer….and it was out of sight, out of mind. I eventually got him the toy off Amazon, which was retailing at a much cheaper price and it has been his FAVOURITE toy since.

Optimus Prime Trailer (by Playskool)

Optimus Prime Trailer (by Playskool)

He plays with it every single day now and never fails to talk about Optimus Prime and gang. (He has the smaller Optimus Prime, BumbleBee, Chase and Heatwave too, and actually Blades and Bulldozer as well but hidden in his cupboard for me to reward him when he is on super good behaviour.) In fact, the 2 brothers play with it all the time and talks to them non-stop. Jerome has this special ability to make the transforming sound while the robots transforms, which is really amazing to hear! At first we thought he was coughing and was sick when we first heard it. Hilarious max. I don’t know where he learnt that from, probably youtube.

Jerry playing with his Optimus.

Jerry playing with his Optimus.

Back to Jerry, he.. just talks to his toys ALL THE TIME.. and one day, daddy decided to question him.

Der (D): If Optimus Prime and Megatron fight, who will win?
Jerry (J): if Optimus Prime fight Megatron and Optimus Prime wins!
D: Why did Optimus Prime win?
J: Because Optimus Prime is such a good boy…
D: If Optimus Prime fight with you, I think you will lose (trying to indirectly hint Jerry that he is a naughty boy)
J: But i am not a bad guy!!!

Both the husband and me tried very hard to stifle our giggles… and then guess what the husband tells me next?

Don’t you want to jot that down NOW? Really a #thingsjerrysays moment for the both of us.


P.s. I am really quite amazed that he is able to relate concepts like bad guy, bad behaviour and all and that he even knows how to defend himself when being set-up to mean otherwise. I don’t quite know how 3 year olds should behave. I don’t really compare (with others) but I am just glad that amongst everything, he did know more than I give him credit for.

He does really say the funniest things some times, and I urge you to read the rest of Things Jerry Says if you have the time or do check back often. I can’t quite post them fast enough!