urgh. there seemed to be some issues with flickr. i can’t load my pictures!! a tad annoying especially since i could find some time to blog, and am actually in the mood to blog.

and ohs. life’s been pretty busy and packed!

what have i been up to? you’ll ask.

was scheduled to go blading/cycling at east coast park with allan and gang but… was held up with some matters and there was pouring rain, i was stuck in a jam and only managed to hop into wu qilong’s house for the bbq, not before getting a fright from his huge-ass half as tall as me bear dog, who barked at me NON-STOP. and no, it is not that taiwanese chinese singer that we are talking about. hee.

never felt so dumb in my life before cos i pulled myself outta bed on a SUNDAY morning. headed to causeway point and wanted to open an account with standard chartered, only to realise that the bank (that particular branch) does not open on sundays! Grrr.

fine. went to reward myself with samsui chicken from soup restaurant for being dumb. sometimes, being dumb is a nice thing hor?! find excuses to eat nice stuff. ha!

3.march.08 – 7.march.08
a busy work week went past. i couldn’t really recall what went on during the week, nothing significant i gathered. 🙂

oh. except that i went to play billard with Mr. leng zai and his colleague and ended up 30 bucks poorer. argh. the numbers just weren’t cooperating with me. i’ll shall take it that i ate a bowl of $30 bucks instant noodles then.

i headed to back to the secondary school. okie. i had intended a nice, long, lengthy post complete with pictures to talk about the school. guess that’ll have to wait. and so, i went to check out the school’s jumbo and jumble fair. gawd. 12 years since i grad from that school and everything look so different!

one thing for sure, i knew less than 5 of the teachers there. my accounts teacher didnt recognise me! i’m sure the sports people sure do.. but i didnt had a chance to bump into them. anyway, will blog more when the pictures are up!


dinner. i dragged mum’s arse outta the house and went all the way to changi for some lips smacking juicy flower crabs from my favourite store.. but they were out of those crabs when i reach. crap! i travelled all the way from north to east just for that!

anyway, settled for the usual stingray, sambal sotong, fried la-la, fried dua-tou, and stirred fried vege as a treat. errr. a little too much? *guilty*


headed to ikea for some mum-wanted shopping but we got there too late and it was closing. being the MOTHER, giant was not going to slip by so we popped over and i was the one who ended up buying 70 bucks worth of toiletries.

breakfast with mum. the famous chickee rice at yishun. cousin wedding at novotel hotel at night. am really really tired.

ok. that was a really boring post. are you still reading? anyway, because i only slept less than 3 hours last night, i am supposed to be really tired and be in bed. so.. good nite!

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