it’s friday. even tho i need to work tomorrow still, i declare today a happy day! 🙂

it’s one of those SUPER UBER rare days that i grabbed breakfast before i came. gor invented this plaster bread thingy 2 nights before and it’s yummylicious! he taught me how to make it and i tried making it last nite. wanted to take pictures to show, but too caught up on cooking and talking to mum. mum was trying to learn the skills from me while i was cooking.

and this morning, she prepare ai xin plaster bread for me. woo hoo! Slurp! i chomped down the crispy bread while walking to the bus stop. it could have been a lot crispier than that, but still it was really nice of mum to make that for me. hee.. i am such a lucky girl rite? tee hee

im finally on time today! the 5th day in a week! at least there is a black stamp this week. whahaha. i fell down this morning. sprawled on the floor at my receptionist area and hurt my knee caps. it hurts like hell and i had to walk with a limp earlier. thank god i wore jeans. could have tore my skin if i was wearing a skirt. it’s much better now but still a lil sore. all because the rubber sole came off one of my heels and without friction at work, i skided across the floor and landed with a thud. ouch!

im a little lost at work. dont know what i should work on. i think im good at one thing after having company in receivership some months back.


now, i need to find loads of motivation to work through my pile. *mutters*