everyone was late except me. ok, eric wasnt late too, but i didnt have his contact so i have no idea that he too, was roaming the mall at 6+ like me.

janice is more 1 hour late! we finished the dinner before she came by. eric and me designed our own pasta and pei had this dish called black affair. yummy for 3 hungry stomachs. as usual, got my dose of veggies from the ceasar salad. eric’s pasta was named hungry while mine was horny. haha. the waiter came with our dishes and asked for hungry and horny. comical, i tell you.

when janice came and designed her own pasta, i told her i’ll help her name it. belle & me had loads of wild ideas and were giggling away with janice staring at us, wondering what we were up to. the waiter came a while later, with a plate in hand and asked, “err.. are u wet?”

whahah. belle & me burst out in laughter. the best part was janice didnt catch it the first time and she went, huh? and the waiter repeated it. hahaha. just a little joke to punish her for being late.

we had drinks after dinner at oasis boardgame cafe. it’s really cool. loads of games to play. we kept changing games but i didnt manage to capture shots of all cos i was extremely engrossed in playing. for $10 per person you’ll get a drink, a snack for every 2 person and free game play for 2 hrs. every hr after which is billed at $3.50 per person, but even tho we played for more than 2 hrs, we paid only $40. hee.

it was hilarious playing pictionary. we laugh over the silly pictures (regretted not remembering to take pics of those!) and the wildest answers that shoot outta our mouths. i didnt wanna leave cos i was having so much fun, getting cramps and tearing from laughter. it was getting really late and eric was urging us to leave. as much as i hated to go, we dragged our butts off the chair and parted our ways.

belle and me found out that the train service was out when we reached the train station. the taxi stands were packed with so many people with not a single cab in sight. so we rocked our way home on bus 851. long ride, but it’s always enjoyable with belle around.