that’s what i am now. and fighting a throat infection. i went to bed last night feeling so sick and sucking a lemon strepcils.

i woke this morning, mute. barely a croak left on my voice. my first reaction was, of coz, to stay in bed and wanting to declare mc. im sick, i’m really am. the cough monster is not leaving me either. but i struggled to work, just cos jasmine is making us kong ba bao for lunch. yeah, u can say im greedy but the mc can come after the kong ba bao. hee. did i mention this? i’m gonna be on half day mc on friday and full day on monday? that’s one of the reasons why i came.

i got work to clear and have so many MCs for the last 10 days. that is a good reason not to go on mc anyway. i doubt i’ll have any more days left for medical leave. the fever is rising and i just hope i can survive thru the day.

remember my entry on the show “缘来就是你”? the mediacorp people came yesterday! gosh.. i was strolling around in the office, wanting to discuss something with my colleague when my superior walked in and shouted,”Cherie!! the mediacorp people are here!!”


i looked at them and shouted,”no no, not me!”, and walked away to check something with my colleague. how embarassing. and they actually walked to where i was. damn. i dun remember what happened after that. it became a war between the colleagues aiming at each other. and they left to check on the production people. phew!

argh! i wish i could just collapse here on my desk and take a nap. my burning eyes are closing, and im fighting the lids. getting goosepimples all over and feeling cold chill running down my body. i hate the feeling of being sick, but then, who would love to be sick anyway?

i better get on ploughing through my work. i dont think i’ll be working for a while for this weekend.