lost sight..

i’m losing sight of myself. im losing sight of my friends. im constantly tired. i have no idea where im heading.

it’s been a long time since i last blog surfed. and i realised that there are so many new entries in a lot of my friends’ blog. i cant seemed to catch up with what’s going on with their lives anymore.. although i think it secretly has to do with the sudden spurt of friends announcing their friendster blogs and resulting in a much longer list of blogs to read abt.

i wish i had the time to read about all their adventures and what’s happening in their lives, but im barely awake or filled with the energy to read. you prob can judge it from the frequency/length of my blog entries nowadays..

my sense of direction has gone disarray in the last couple of weeks. im hoping for a quiet day for myself, sitting down reading a book or enjoying scenery of some sort, and finding peace.

im breaking apart. i dont know why. so many things to do, so little time.. not much motivation to pull me through either, which is bad.

more goodbyes today. i wonder when this is going to end.

anyway, it seems that i’ll be moving around the island pretty much starting from tomorrow. i hope i can learn to deal with it. it’s time for bed. it’s another wake at 7am day tomorrow.