weak legs..

my legs seemed to wobble now when i tried standing. i just came back from runing 5 rounds in the nearby jogging track with agnes. -out of breath-

hehe. i think im getting so weak. i have a feeling that my legs will be aching a lot tomorrow. spent about an hour catching up with her in the park.. just chatting about the years between us. gonna jog again next week, maybe i should do striding instead. got a feeling that im working on the wrong group of muscles.

visited chiew yen at thomson medical centre today.. the baby is SooOOoo cute. the face is so tiny.. i kept playing with it and patting it to sleep when chiew yen told me not to spoil the baby.. hehe. 😛 *Oops*

stayed there till almost 8pm and headed for dinner at the kopitiam opposite that serves really nice hor fun. havent ate there for a long long time..

my eyes are closing.. cannot make it already.. going to dry my hair and head for bed. shall update when i have the time tomorrow. good nite pals..