losing myself..

i have been desperately wanting to update my blog for the past week.. but havent had the time nor the chance to do so.

Indeed.. i had to work OT on christmas eve.. and left wei waiting outside my office for at least half an hour. i felt so bad.. but on the other hand, it’s so sweet of him to be so patient!

the weekend was quite hectic..headed to 2 different friend’s house and play mahjong till the wee hours.. got pressies from wei’s sis.. what a pleasant surprise.. christmas was spent shopping in town.. bought wei 2 pairs of shoes and cost me $200.. and i was so embarrassed when my card decline from too much swiping.. bo pian.. debit card mah, no more money so declined..

wei got me one of my dream watches.. wow.. so excited!! here’s a photo of it..

the color aint exactly correct, but this is the closest that i can find..

I’m feeling extremely tired at this moment.. wanting to go to bed badly.. but i got to pack my stuff.. i’m heading for kuantan in the night.. making a road trip there in wei’s car.. i forsee a hectic day ahead.. work and meeting a earrings buyer.. and jac for dinner.. heading to nike to check out yoga pants.. and then meet wei and heading straight for the trip.. I guess i have to lug a big bag around tomorrow in town..

i’ll be back only on sunday.. please dun miss me.. *grinz*

i just read jac’s blog just moments earlier and left her a message there.. it kinda made me think about my own life too.. sometimes.. it gets so confusing.. and we dunno where to head for at times.. wondering which is the correct way.. sometimes, when the current status quo is being rocked, one cant help but wonder and have doubts..

this is what i have learnt.. do what you think is right.. and use the ultimate goal you have in mind as the guideline.. time will tell the rest.

got to go.. i hope i will have fun..

oh oh.. i finally got my confirmation letter today.. but i aint a bit happy. i guess it came way too late.. 🙁