I’m so sad.. really upset.. found out that i lost my coin purse over lunch!! I was trying to find it back in the office to put the coins that my colleagues gave me.. but i cant find it anywhere!! gawd.. i panicked and tried searching for it everywhere.. even tried calling one of the stalls at the coffeeshop that i went..

i had about $20 in there.. but that’s not the issue.. the coin purse.. was a gift from wei.. i like it so much.. and now that it’s gone.. i dont even have the mood to work for the whole time after lunch and all that for a packet of fish ball noodle.. i was cursing and swearing and told my colleagues that i’m never gonna tabau for them.. (i’m joking of coz!) but i was really sore inside!

headed off to bishan after work.. went to the CC to withdraw from that yoga course that i signed up for..Yeah!! i got the full refund!! met shuyu and her friend for a while and headed off for dinner with a ex-phs schoolmate, kelvin (or xiao ping guo as many know him as).. just a simple dinner at sakae and headed right home after that.. i’m so beat! almost time for bed.. cant seem to get enough sleep these days.. *yawn*