My apologies..

i was bugged by this lady today and she was trying to sell me this dinning card for $184 or something.. cant hear properly, but im not interested in those crap.. she kept bugging and bugging.. she got my contact from edwin lee.. Edwin.. u are going to get it from me when i see you the next time.. must compensate me 2 games of billard for the time i spent talking to her.. called me so many times and to have my mobile ringing in the midst of a meeting with my boss!!

anyway, back to the main topic. To get her off my shoulders, i gave her the numbers to 2 of my friends.. Raphael and Jacklyn.. haha. I just wanna say a big SORRY to the both of them.. oh well.. isnt this an experience to enrich your lives? haha..

Okie okie.. treat you 2 each a meal the next time i see you all (not in decemeber tho!). I hope you weren’t very angry for what i did. 🙂

time to get back to work… *buzzing off*