Christmas spirit is in the air..

It’s been a busy week thus far.. work is the same, but im heading out to meet friends each day after work for some activities..

Had fun buying loads and loads of presents on tuesday and it left me feeling really broke. I don’t know how to survive the rest of the month, especially since not even 1/3 of the month has passed. I really santa will be popping by my house to drop me some money..

Tomorrow’s is Ivy’s birthday celebration!! We are holding a small gathering cum party for her at david’s house and on top of that, we have decided to have the Christmas gifts exchange in case we wont be able to meet up for Christmas. Looking forward to the event tomorrow, sure will have loads of fun preparing the food and everything for the steamboat that we are intending to have. Besides,, im gonna have presents!! How exciting! *wondering what present i’ll have…* (haha, i already know most of it since they asked me what i wanted.. but pei’s present will be something that i’m looking forward to since i have no idea what it’s gonna be…)

I signed up for a yoga course yesterday, but i’m gonna try to see if i can get a full refund for the money i paid yesterday. Was supposed to go for it with Shuyu at Bishan CC and after i signed up, wenjing & ivy both said they were too interested, but couldnt accomodate to the timing coz it was too early and too rush for them after work.. after much research and discussion, they have decided to take the one in Toa Payoh community centre instead..and i’ll have to withdraw from the one i signed up.

Oh well.. Im praying.. since i’m so broke.. i wanna take every single cent that i paid for the course back.

It’s now lunch time and im taking a breather off from work.. but time to go..

Till i pen again.. please do miss me.. hahaha..