all these days..

Lots have happened in the last 2 weeks. I have turned more grumpy and bitchy. Feels like i’m on a emotional roller coaster. at times, i just cant help it but to erupt like a volcano.. while other times, i’m like a clam, shut tight and shutting everyone else away.

Life have been sucky without my beloved computer. Thank god my saviour is gonna come tomorrow (all the way from united states) to fix my computer.. i heard i might get a new motherboard.. a palm.. a new lcd monitor..memory cards.. a renewed credit card.. loads of goodies from sally hansan and clinique.. i am beginning to realise how fortunate i am these days.. with people showing me with gifts.. I am so thankful for how my life has been..

I was lazing in the office and surfing the blogs of my friends.. and came across michie’s blog.. i totally agree with her statement – “i disagree with those people who think that they don’t need anyone around them”. i’m so thankful that i have friends to encourage me during my down period.. i have friends who spend time talking to me, finding out about my job, how i’m doing.. i’m thankful for those people who came into my life at some point of time or another, be it a close friend, an acquaintance, a classmate, school mate, or just people that i used to hang out with.. you people made a difference in my life, moulded me to be what i am today..

In the last 14 days, i made a decision to take up a course. a language course. I shall keep the language as a secret for now, but for those who are close to me and understand me well.. u should be able to guess.. there’s only one country that fasincates me so far.. (tho i havent been to many..) I’m gonna be really tired each monday night.. when i’ll be home only at 11+.. for those who are interested in dating me out for dinner or coffee.. please, dun try to date me on a monday alright?

I met up briefly with jac and her cousin, jasmine yesterday. She wanted to borrow my moo moo card.. got a cheesecake in return. jac, if you are reading this.. i hate to say it, but the cheesecake sucks!! well, at least its some feedback for you to implement some improvement.. i took a bite and i dont think i can put myself through the torture of having another bite. all my colleagues here also mentioned that it’s not nice at all.. *oops*

i was shopping alone in chinatown for some earrings materials and headed to heeren all by myself.. jac wasnt free to go with me.. and i didnt want to ask any tom, dick or harry along since it’s gonna be some real focused shopping and i rather be alone than to be disturbed.

Met up with anthony.. Thank god he called me back.. called him when i was in chinatown (he stays there, so i was thinking of having dinner together), but he didnt answer.. i was in heeren when he called.. he’s in orchard too.. decided to have dinner together. Gawd, so thankful that i managed to catch him before he sails to that peace making mission of his at Iraq (that is,if i remembered correctly).

hey ant, if you are reading this.. take good care of yourself.. bring me back photos of your trip. I’ll write you emails when i’m free and do pop me some if you didnt hear from me for too long. tell me abt the trip as soon as you can when u get there. happy sailing.. and hope you have a safe trip!

Im so tired these days.. hardly have enough energy level.. guess it’s my mind.. im so demoralised.. i always think that it’s mind over body.. so since im hardly in the mood to do anything, my body must be singing the same tune.. *sigh* i got to pop home soon.. decided to blog this entry before i head home before everyone starts forgetting abt my blog!!

alrighty, heading home!