Wretched day..

This was not my original post.. it’s one that i rewrote days later on a piece of paper.. here’s all of what i could recap..

I just cant believe my luck! The weather was so fine in the morning. Cloudless day, blue blue sky.. cheered me up when i stood by the window in the office. Had the temptation to grab my cammie and shoot a picture of that beautiful sky!

Had Sakae for lunch in the comfort of my office pantry. I just realised just hours ago that they had delivery service! Argh, though the service sucks, the food portions were lesser and the fact that i had to order more than $50 to enjoy free delivery, it was still a pleasant change from all the boring canteen food that i have been chewing on for months..

The lunch arrived late. I rushed through it, packed my notes, organiser and stuff, tidied my desk a little and headed out for a scheduled meeting @ Lot 1 (again?!?). The moment i stepped out of the office, dark clouds formed and there’s this gloomy feeling all around the area.. i quickly made my way to the bus stop.. the bus just left! *panicked* I’m running late.. waited and waited and waited.. the next bus just didnt seemed to be appearing from anywhere.. the clock’s ticking away! Made a split second decision to run across the road and take the bus in the opposite direction to Marsiling mrt when the third bus in that direction came..

*clank* -pause- *clank* -pause- *clank*

Gawd, what’s that sound? Half wondering what i stepped on, i lifted my heels and did a quick check just before boarding the bus.. ARGH! my new heels!! they are the newest i got! the “sole” of the kitten heels i was wearing was gone.. Left in it’s place is a screw and no wonder i felt weird walking during that short distance. It was hard to maintain a balance (since one heel is now taller than the other), and it was even harder to walk without making that clanking sound..

Right after i hopped onto the bus, the rain came pouring down..visibility was really bad.. was half day dreaming and half wondering how to head for that meeting with my spoilt heels when the bus jolted, screeched and came to a halt, causing many standing passengers to fall and sleeping passengers to wake. I was jolted out of my thoughts.. Looked around and i realised that the bus nearly got into an accident..

the first thought that came to my mind.. “am i suay or what?” things doesnt seemed to be going smoothly for me.. finally reached my destination and my heels are catching a lot of attention with the noise it’s causing.. *embarassed*

Got to the train platform only to see the train pulling away from the station right before my eyes.. super duper late..super duper suay.. what can i say.. what can i do.. another 8 minutes wasted waiting for the next train.. worried abt my heels.. not really nice to go into a meeting in this manner.. especially when im representing my company.. made a resolution to hunt for a new pair of heels when i reach before heading for that meeting.

I was in for another shock when i finally reached! No decent heels for me to buy, there’s only 2 shops selling heels in the entire mall!! Seiyu & Bata.. Seiyu’s range was all really aunty looking, if not too casual.. it really didnt fit what i was wearing!! Spotted a pretty nice pair at Bata (the ONLY pair that i deemed fit after trying racks of heels), but it’s going to cost me $59.95!! Crazy right? No way i’m going to pay that much for a pair of heels.. especially one from “Buy And Throw Away”.. That’s not me.. I’ll rather keep the money for something else..

Feeling super sore and upset, i decided to head for that cursed meeting with my spoilt heels, hoping that it wont cause too much a distraction.. Thank god that the management’s office was carpeted.. and the meeting went on fine.. (i wished i was given more chance to talk during the meeting tho.. hee..)

Shopped around a little before heading town to meet michie, jon & jac to have dinner @ marche. Felt feverish on the train ride and was coughing away.. i could literally feel the germs attacking me..

Headed to Charles & Keith, hoping to buy a new pair of heels.. There arent any for me to buy.. either the designs werent nice/comfortable, or that i already own them.. *shrugs* Headed to VNC next.. Shopped there for a long long while and eventually “forced” myself to grab a pair. Tho it was ugly looking, it was the best i could find and i just cannot stand walking around feeling unbalanced anymore. Grabbed the spoilt heels and stormed back to Charles & Keith to send my heels on repair.. it’s hardly a month old! It’s also one of the newest design they had on display.. *sigh*

Met michie @ MNG, headed for a cuppa @ Pacific Coffee.. felt a little better and chatted a little while waiting for jon to check out some books at MPH. Hung around for 45 mins and headed to meet jac at marche..

Aircon @ suntec was killing me.. felt chilly the moment i stepped into the building and started shivering and sneezing. With the germs relaunching their attack, i was in no mood for a decent dinner. Only had warm clear soup, and shared a waffle with jac.. Stole bits of food off michie’s & jac’s plate..

the bad luck didnt end even after i reached home.. i spent 45 mins typing a full account of my unlucky day only to find that blogger’s server is down right after i hit the “Publish Post” button.. There! all gone.. all i see is a stupid white screen and black words..

what harsh reality. happened just when i forgot to make a copy before hitting that button (when i usually do..) something is just darn wrong with my day.. shut my com IMMEDIATELY, and went to bed fuming like a hot charcoal.. *hurmph!*