A day of relaxation..

Headed off to Lot 1 Shopper’s Mall when the clock struck 6pm. Finally, a group outing with my colleagues have materialized after months of trying to organise.. *Yipee*

Took a cab (awww..how wasteful, but we were rushing for time.. how good an excuse!). Reached Lot 1 15 mins later, shopped around for food. Given the time constraints and everything else.. we decided to have Long John.. Yeah, you heard it right.. Long John! As much as i hate fast food, i had no choice! Karaoke session is starting @ 7pm and it was already 6.30pm. There arent anything else to eat! Food court would be a stinko choice, and i would have headed towards Sakae Sushi without a doubt should there be more time..

Karaoke was ok.. (tho i hardly know how to sing.. haha) Jo sang so many songs.. and the one fact that i couldnt stand was that she sang almost all the songs with the analog ON!! Poh Chuan didnt really dare to sing, afterall, it’s her first time singing karaoke in Singapore since she relocated here.. but she definitely did better as the time passed.. Samantha had a sore throat.. a little miserable for her tho.. and she tried her best to sing.. hee.. i had fun coz it’s been a long time since i let my hair down to relax! Headed home at 12.30am.. on the train (trying to save some money).. Gawd, i hope i can wake on time for work tomorrow!!

Here are some wishes that i wanna send out..

Happy Birthday to Smally Goo (Uncle Andy)!!
May all your wishes come true, and may you find happiness soon. Stay the way you are now always and i do hope to see the more cheeky side of you. Stay cool, funny and we’ll conquer the Euro Disney together one day ya?

Happy Birthday to Moses!!
It’s been a long while since we first met, become classmates and friends. I’m really glad that we have stayed in contact for such an extended period of time. I wish you all the best in whatever you do, and hope you find a fantastic girl to spend your time with soon!