happenings.. on me!

it’s yet another hectic and sleepy day in the office. darn! imagine that shitty feeling when you have a huge pile of work to be done, yet battling those heavy eyelids and tearing eyes. such a struggle but i made it through.. with a little help and love from my boy.

was engrossed in mentioning abt the weekend that i didnt say what i did before that. i changed my hairstyle yet again. i cannot remember how many times that i did something to my hair in the past 3 months..

i dun have a pic of my new hairstyle.. cant be bothered to take one now anyway. time for bed, but just a little update.. to put it simply – my hair is black. to put it in a slightly more complicated manner – it’s deep blue, black, ash black, blue black all from different angles..

many say i look like jap now. i can visualise michie reading my blog and literally hear her brain going.. “now you REALLY look like cleopatra!!”

oh well.. nice change for me. at least it means no change for the next 5 months or so. unless i decide to snip my hair at the back too. hardly will ever want that.. but with the amount of stress that i face everyday.. nothing is impossible.