was really tired this morning when i woke. havent seem to get enough sleep these days.. think i’m heading out too often after work.. havent got home early these days since i had to have dinner out (mummy has gone to japan for the past 10 days..) was out with toto playing snooker at yishun safra yesterday.. worked really late on tuesday.. out with jac on monday night..

my body was still asleep when my mind tried to drag it to the bathroom and around the house deciding what i should wear to work.. everything was a blur.. the next thing i know.. Darn! I’m running late!! *ran with all my might across the basketball court to the bus stop in my new heels* reached in time, was panting badly when the bus pulled into the bus stop.. *hee

busy at work.. too many things that needs my attention.. phone kept ringing.. had meetings to attend.. before i knew.. it’s 6pm. got to leave the office coz meeting jac. supposed to watch terminal but it wasnt available in town anymore. *sigh*

favourite activity next… shopped!! Whee!! tried loads of clothes.. im so good in stripping my clothes and wearing them again.. hahaha.. cherie then became penniless… *OoPs* how am i to survive for the rest of the month.. bank account less than 60 dollars.. gonna make my piggy bank puke some money out soon..

finally remember what i wanted to write on my blog couple of days ago while walking home..

Got home and found mummy back home.. Yeah!! not more dinner outside!!*yipee* and the happiest thing that happened to me upon her return was that my uncle decided to give me his sony digital camera!! I havent taken much decent pictures ever since my cam went down more than 2 months ago.. mum didnt really buy anything for me in japan.. but that doesnt really matter.. afterall, i have been there.. and the camera meant SO much more to me!! *jumping for joy* thanks smally goo!! *winkz*

Oh.. and here’s what i wanted to write.. I’m beginning to think im so lame.. and i cant imagine the extent that i’ll go.. just to get discounts for shopping.. was at giodano last weekend and decided to buy a tank top.. and here’s what happened..

*waiting at cashier for my turn*

retail associate (ra): Hi mdm, is that all for you?

me: yap.

ra: are you a member?

me: ya! but i didnt bring the keychain.. can i give you my ic no? (i’m not a member and i dun have any keychain..)

ra: sure!

me: 81xxxxxD

*wei stunned beside me..*

ra: B as in brazil?

*me acting really cool*

me: huh? D, for donkey!

ra: oh.. okie.. (keying in the info), ms teo?

*wei shot me a really puzzled look – eyes big big and frowning..*

me: uh huh..

ra: michelle, if you come on your birthday, you’ll get 20% discount.

*wei super stunned and started grinning after a while..*

me: yap, i know that. thanks!

(quickly left the shop coz wei’s expressions giving me away!!)

right after the episode, wei was going like.. “oh michelle, hi! I’m Ian. Nice meeting you..” me – *grr*

I actually can memorise michelle’s ic number at the back of my mind as if it’s my own.. haha.. just for the sake of discounts..

i also realised what i wanted to say wasnt so significant after all.. Oh, i also made an interesting observation while blogging recently.. no matter how many more blog entries that i seemed to add to this blog.. the total blog entries will always remain at 111. Weird. anyone having the same problem or know the answer to this unusual numbering system?

mich, if you are reading this.. jac & me met clar outside plaza sing today.. and i’m gonna miss you LOADS while u are gone in a couple of days time.. hardly have the chance to talk to you recently on msn.. where’s chirpy? better appear before i chop off that old gum tree..