My Fairy Tale.. Come True..

This is how my fairy tale began..

10 years ago.. while I was meeting my friends at yio chu kang mini bus interchange.. we were supposed to be going to a chalet together.. once I got there.. I saw this really cute and good looking guy seated at one corner around the vicinity..

I kept stealing glances and I was telling pei (my then and now best friend),“hey, that guy very cute hor..” *drooling*.. she didn’t really agree..i guess different people have different definitions of cute or good looking.. we were chatting and laughing all the time while waiting for the rest of the gang to arrive.. but somehow, at the back of my mind.. I keep diverting my eyes to that guy.. seated there.. alone.. so cool looking.. I wondered why he was there alone..

We had a long wait.. and finally when the rest of the gang came.. one of my guy friend then shouted out to him and he came over.. my heart skipped a beat.. he was coming to the chalet with us!! I found out later that he’s from my school!! One year my senior..

Introductions were being made.. and I was grinning with glee.. really excited and I could feel all that adrenaline gushing into my blood.. I almost fainted when he talked to me.. hee..

I found out later that he’s a really funny guy.. everything he said was humorous.. at least it was to me.. I dunno how the others felt tho.. haha.. I remembered him doing an act and getting all of us puzzled.. he started whistling through his teeth.. and all of us were wondering where the whistling came from till he grinned..

He hardly talked.. so cool that it simply so hard to reach out to him.. when I found out the reason why he was here at the chalet with us.. I was crushed.. he was actually one of my friend’s bf.. I never heard her say abt him.. and I didn’t see them close to each other throughout the whole day.. I couldn’t even tell they were a couple.. then another friend told me that they were on the rocks..

He didn’t stay for the whole chalet.. left the very next day.. but we played billiard together (my first time playing billiard) among a group of friends.. and we chatted for one whole night till dawn..4 of us.. pei and me, and this other guy friend.. he was really funny.. and kept me intrigued with the things he would say.. I kinda fell in love with him more as each min passes.. and when he left.. I was really upset.. tried to talk him out from going.. but he wouldn’t stay..

I kept in contact with him after the chalet.. found out then that the relationship was off.. called on him to find out if he’s feeling ok.. from then.. we chatted through the nights for many days…he was working at marina square during the hols.. and I would make a trip there just to accompany him for lunch.. one night.. I decided to express to him my feelings.. and somehow.. we got together for a while..

Its was nearing Christmas time when we got together.. and I spent the most memorable Christmas with him alone.. we were star gazing.. lying on the grass at raffles place.. it was a silent night.. and beautiful night.. traces of confetti that we threw at each other still remains in my hair.. we were chasing each other when the clock struck 12pm.. with the confetti spray.. so much fun I had..

Good things don’t last.. I dunno what happened.. the very next day.. he decided that we were not meant to be together.. I was heartbroken.. but there’s nothing I could do.. but I kept in contact with him..

Since then.. every time it nears Christmas.. I’ll get upset.. I’ll cry when I hear “Last Christmas” being played in the malls.. over the radio..

Life still went on.. but I didn’t give other guys a chance for some time.. each day in school.. I’ll continue to steal glances at him… purposely walk pass his classroom to steal a peak at him…

We both happened to be in the art class and I was really glad when I found out.. we share the same art room.. same art teacher.. and with the O level art project.. I see him in the art room pretty often.. and tho we brush past each other pretty often.. we hardly talk…so near, yet so far.. he knows.. that I still likes him… in fact.. all my friends knew.. and as I found out much later in life.. he described it as.. “the whole school knows!”

I would appear around him as best as I could.. if he is playing basketball, then I’ll drag my friends to the study area near it and pretend to be chatting there or doing my work…

Soon we graduated and I would try to keep in contact with him.. I’ll send him messages of concern to his pager.. send him greeting at all festive seasons.. Deepavali included.. haha. At times, he would call back and we would chat..

I remembered the day I graduated.. he took my o level certificate home with him.. he helped me laminate it.. of coz.. I was jumping with joy.. that means I’ll get to see him again to get back my cert..

We went to different poly.. and he got into a course that he didn’t really liked.. but he worked hard and I would always send messages to encourage him.. even tho I was playing a fool in my classes and playing truant all the time.. we still kept in contact, meeting for an occasional dinner/supper or movie..

I still remembered that there was once we both decided to visit the night safari.. it was funny coz he came back with a limp.. he fell and sprained his ankle.. haha.. such sweet memories.. such fun times.. yet, not lasting..

As time passes.. we got on with our lives.. I was very much involved in school activities, running for elections.. and getting involved in all the orientation programs, busy planning and attending meetings for business studies club.. and I partied hard.. and somehow.. we hardly contacted each other, except my occasional messages to him..

We drifted far apart..i never had the chance to meet him on the streets.. friends would often come and tell me that they have met him on the streets.. so many of them.. but I have only met him once.. and till this very day.. I still remember where I met him and the very surroundings and settings… we hardly talk.. just a passing hi and he was gone.. I began to wonder if we didn’t have the fate.. my friends would see him so many times.. and yet.. I never had much chance to.. at least not often..

There are many silly things that i have done.. and at times, it simply brings a smile to my face, just thinking about it. I used to wish.. on all occasions, as often as i could that we would be together some day in the future.. I would make the same wish over and over again on my birthdays.. I wish at every opportunity i get.. i’ll even make the wish when i lose an eye lash and blow it away.. hoping that the wind will bring my wish away.. and be heard.. It’s seems childish… but it kinda bring hope to me each time.. and i patiently waited for that one day..

Then came this fateful day.. I was partying at zouk.. I saw him!! My heart fluttered and I went over to talk to him.. That night, we shared a cab home together.. he sent me home first despite him staying in amk and me, in yishun.. after that incident.. we got a little closer… met up more often.. and caught many movies together..

One day, he called to ask a favour. I was to be his friend’s date for this officer passing out dinner… I didn’t wanna disappoint him, so I agreed.. (tho I don’t even know his friend) I went out with his friends.. get acquainted with his friends.. and my supposedly “date” for the dinner..

Then we went shopping for a gown.. I was embarrassed to have him catch me wearing a evening gown.. I tried a few and finally decided on the one I should buy.. and it was fun shopping with him..

Then came this fateful day.. 5 years ago.. we got together again.. we have come so far in these 5 years.. through all the ups and the downs.. gone through many rough patches.. and I’m really thankful that we have come so far together..

Dar, I can never thank you enough for everything that you have done… I thank you for being there for me (tho not all the time..haha), I thank you for your understanding at times, for imparting me knowledge about people, about life.. your values.. thank you for moulding me into who I am today.. for being so patient at times.. for loving me despite all my nasty temper, the harsh words that I sometimes blurt out before thinking.. thank you for giving me a glimpse of our future..and for working so hard.. I enjoy all the stuff that we have done together and all the joy that you have brought into my life.. and I truly, enjoy your companionship. Thanks for everything.