Names.. & HARRY POTTER!!

Just got home from watching my favourite movie.. was talking to qunyu and she mentioned that she has got to get a english names to aid her in her new job when she’s starting this july.. was surfing the net to help her brainstorm some name when i came across this christian names dictionary.. Thought it was quite interesting..

Anyway, here are the meaning of some of my friends/relatives..


The French female form of ‘Michael’.


This name, used to be used for boys and girls, was popular in medieval times and means ‘lord’.


This name originates from Latin and means ‘belonging to God’. It is very popular among Roman Catholics but it’s use is becoming gradually more general. A number of saints bear this name, most notably St Dominic, who founded the order of the Preachers.


Derived from the name ‘Angel’.


This is the name of the Patriarch who founded the Jewish religion. A few early Christian martyrs bore this name. This is the English version of the Hebrew name ‘Moshe’.

For those who are wondering why your name arent in the list.. I guess i couldnt find your name or i didnt think of you at the time im writing this blog.. but believe me.. i tried thinking of everyone i knew.. but not many names could be found in a christian names dictionary..

Tried the names acronym generator on michie’s & qiang’s blog.. here’s what it says of me..

C Creative
H Hairy
E Enchanting
R Responsible
I Insane
E Entertaining

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I managed to catch Harry Potter today, bought the tickets half an hour before the show started and managed to get seats in the centre portion.. of coz, i opted watching in a neighbourhood cinema like Yishun 10. Avoided loads of crowd.. hee.. The cinemas in town, in the west and in the east were almost fully booked and selling fast at 5pm in the evening.. even when all the shows are starting after 6pm..

Well.. here’s what i think.. Being a avid Harry Potter fan, i kinda knew what was going to happen during the movie.. and i would say it sort of killed many of the exciting scenes for me..Kinda knew the whole story line.. what’s gonna happen.. and actually laugh before anyone knew that its gonna be a funny scene.. but as someone who didnt read the book.. you’ll prob. leave the cinema with loads of questions in your head..

I would have said that i enjoyed the movie a lot, but not as much as the first. The special effects werent as much or as nice as the first movie, but nevertheless, it was still great. I wished the movie would have been longer.. Although it was quite long (2 hours), it certainly didnt feel like 2 hours in the cinema.. Anyway, the ending was quite unexpected, didnt really end exactly like what was in the books.. some of the details were left out and that was why one will leave the cinema with loads of questions..

Well, I’m definitely looking towards the next movie..