Funny News Article..

Shuyu sent me this article and although i could only read 80% of all the words, i thought it was quite funny..

It’s a public holiday today.. and actually it hasnt really made much difference to me. Being unemployed, every day is like a public holiday. Quite sick of being unemployed at times, but i havent found a job that i know at least i wouldnt drag my feet to work.

Anyway, i found something that i’m am really happy about! My favourite harry potter movie is going to be out today! Yeah! Hopefully, im able to grab some tickets and watch the show.. I’m a BIG harry potter fan you know.. *excited*

Sent out more resumes today.. Hmm.. Nothing much or interesting in the job market recently. Think i should seek some agency’s help.. Am really tired for now.. Going to konk out.. hope my dreams will be sweet..