Feeling Terrible…

One cant help feeling terrible when luck runs low.. First, my beloved com died on me.. then decided to get some fresh air out from the house by playing a couple games of snooker and ended up paying everyone else money.. then my handphone keeps dying on me.. Imagine the frustration of calling/smsing and seeing your mobile screen go blank at the critical moments… How can things get worse?

But it seems.. there are always 2 sides of a coin.. Thinking positively, it MEANS i’ll get a NEW computer, and a NEW mobile phone and end up making 3 people who took my money HAPPIER.. Yeah.. im just trying to make myself feel better.. 🙂

Looking forward to later today.. Guess it’s gonna be fun.. Going shopping and then to BOSS’s house.. hee.. maybe a little retail therapy will help!

For now.. these sleeping pals of mine should be of some help to lift my mood..