Ok. Make that 2 dates.

The first was a movie date – x men first class on one of the week days night 1.5 weeks ago. We had my mum babysit and snuck off for a movie date. Kinda loving these small random little stolen moments together.

The movie was great and very enjoyable, though I’m not quite the marvel fan. probably one of the best movies I have seen of late (that’s not many movies actually, heh).

Friday night. My mum refused to let me bring Jerry out (I’ll talk about that in a separate post) so I went out alone and the hubby joined me at night for dinner. Well, he decided to spoil me and bring me to Dempsey.

It’s been eons since I last drank any wine. The last I remembered was on the wedding night, and maybe a couple of sips here and there while we were on honeymoon. Since i turned mum, the only thing that I have been swirling are milk bottles! And swirl them many times a day I do! Each time I swirl a bottle of milk, I wonder when I’ll ever hold a wine glass again. That day did come fast!

So, the wine company it was., for my favourite wine.

Racks and racks of wine.

My favourite wine. Unfortunately, they no longer serve the 2008 version and der was commenting the 2009 bottle is a little too sweet for his liking.

Bliss is when you don’t worry about feeding times and just soak in the moment, enjoying coupledom and just random natters about everything but the baby. But of cos, baby topic did pop up a few times.


We also had a mixed platter of fried stuff and crackers with chicken pate. The food tasted great. Yums!

Short, but very enjoyable moment. Though I was a little stressed in finishing up the wine before 9pm to allow ample time for the alcohol to dissipate in my system before the next milk production slot though I did drag it much later, just to be safe.

Hmmm.. Lovely. Looking forward to another nice, stolen moment like that. Gosh. Why do I feel as if I’m having an affair?


Ok. The night didn’t end on a nice note eventually, but it was sweet while things lasted.

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