Finally decided it was time to retire my old toshiba laptop and got myself a 13″ MacBook pro. Like finally.

This arrived last week, brought by my uncle from the US with upgraded 8gb ram together with all my other online shopping loots (mostly baby related). But while I unpacked everything else and packed them aside, this is been lying in a corner.. untouched.

This is so unlike me. The gadgets usually get my attention first and I can’t wait to rip them open and “test drive” it. This time round, the medela milk bottles and milk bags get priority and they get packed, used and washed first.

This? It sat there for the longest time. After 1.5weeks, my uncle asked if the MacBook pro is running well and if it’s fast.. I was so ashamed to say, I haven’t touched it yet. the husband also asked the same before he flew off yesterday.. aren’t you going to boot up your MacBook pro?

Seriously, I have not desire/inkling to do so.. Am just too tired from everything else. But i guess i should soon.

I just can’t get enough sleep these days and I do feel like a sleeping beauty (except I’m not quite a beauty), the bed beckons me all the time and I have never slept that much in my life, and still feel dog tired. I cannot bear to think of the time where I need to head back to work.

Meanwhile, I got to thank the hubby for part-sponsoring the mcp. Hee hee. Hopefully with this, I’ll get back to meddling with photoshop more often!

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