i am going on a vacation (like finally!). the trip has been brewing for the past weeks and the tickets are booked, it just that i haven’t gotten round to announcing it. but.. the recent news on HK being listed as one of the countries affected by swine flu is such a BIG damper.


now i wonder if i could even travel. my only hopes is that the swine flu thing dies down and the virus does not spread. so long no additional people in HK is being diagnosed with the flu, i take it as good news. for now, i can only wait and see.

it doesnt help that my HR sent out a note yesterday to say that anyone who makes a trip to the affected countries will have to take leave up to 7 days after the trip to self quarantine. OMG. what a waste of my already pathetic available leave.

I just wish the alert level would go back to green or yellow in the next 3 weeks.

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