i had almost EVERYONE asked me about the theme.

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?!

e-card invitation created by yours truly

and no, in case you are wondering.. i don’t think Jerry has a thing for spongebob squarepants. I chose it because he always grab the same toy when i bring him to my office (i have one on display at my desk). i think its the protruding nose and bright yellow color that catches his attention but since i needed a theme for a party, why not that?!

i know. i know. tom & jerry theme would fit too. another time, perhaps.

i had a lot of fun planning the party, and really really enjoyed it despite the hours i put in, and the logistical nightmare that i went through. thank goodness for my in-laws and brother and cousin who all stayed 1-2 blocks away from me.

I’ll share the preparations of the party, then the party pictures! Der & me tried heading to the stores in singapore looking for anything spongebob related, but unfortunately, it isn’t easy to find any merchandise at all! so, i turned to google and had loads of inspirations from a couple of websites here, here, and here.

i sorta started a craft frenzy thereafter. The only things we managed to buy that were spongebob related were spongebob biscuits, spongebob bop bags and some ez-link card stickers (about 20pcs). so i figured, i had to create everything else! i printed out some templates that i found on the net and decided these are good/cheap/personalised decorations for the party.

spongebob boxes for decoration around the venue. these were the simplest to make.

a different styled spongebob (complete with outstretched arms and legs) that had me cracking my brains on how to make it stand. i eventually modified the legs and created some mechanism to stabilize it

cube spongebob. a complete nightmare to make with the details. i only had 7 of these.

i was expecting quite a bit of kiddos and had prepped goody bags for the party. I DIY-ed my own goody bag from a template found on the net as well.

from printouts (yes, i used drawing paper)..

to these!

it took more than a month to plan and forking out all the time for handicraft work. my mum helped in cutting up the papers when she had the spare time in the afternoon when jerry goes down for his naps. der & me used every early night/weekend possible to put everything together.

and what’s a party without balloons? i tried heading to middle road’s party supplies stores and found the price is a killer. ok, maybe not that much of a killer but i wasn’t ready to fork out that kind of moolah. i think it was $18 for one small mylar balloon. sure, there were also party suppliers that supplies the balloons according to your theme but i didn’t even bother because i had a secret strategy.

i ordered them online.

complete with all the rest of the party items i required. like fun picks (toothpicks), candy pouches, streamers, and activity packs. i couldnt find a picture of the activity pack online anymore so the picture is missing.

I also ordered a mixture of balloons from partycity.com and bargainballoons.com. partycity has loads of party supplies, but bargain balloons have loads of cheap balloons!

I had all the balloons and ordered a medium helium tank from P&G Party & Gifts to blow everything up! if you are planning the same thing, i suggest you order a bunch of elves and get someone who is experienced. it can be quite hectic if you are rushing against time.

and of cos, the birthday boy needs his ‘birthday suit’ right? i customized a romper for him for the occasion.

from pixiethreads.net

Oh oh! and the birthday cake. these days, i’m a little unimaginative when it comes to cakes because i would just go for pine gardens. we went there a few times to check out all the designs (more like for me to satisfy my bubur hitam cake cravings) and eventually decided on a sea bed design. I initially wanted to buy cake toppers but my aunt found me this set of toys.

birthday cake picture.

and the spongebob kid. he actually slept through the entire party! nah, just joking.

he was a real gem at the party and this was when everyone else left and he konked out while i was clearing up the place.

super tired now. gotta go sleep. party pictures another day. Oops.

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