I just realised that 2 of the links werent working due to typo. It's working now..


a few of you have asked me in my earlier entry when I mentioned I wasn't going to do pedicure myself for a while..

some others picked up the cues from twitter about my appetite or the lack of. or even the need to eat breakfast every morning.

this has definitely taken longer than I thought it would be. it hasn't been easily. I had had a roller coaster ride in fact.

right from the start when I wasn't even that sure, to the double confirmation, the first scare, the check up, and a subsequent follow-up. I was as estactic as I could be. I felt really really blessed and happy that everything seemed right and smooth. then my world crashed down on me the day after my birthday. I couldnt quite believe how 'lucky' I was..

I felt miserable and all I did was to hole up in my room and cry. I didn't really want to think for 2 days before I finally snapped out of it and made a decision while trying to keep calm. the husband has really been a great support during these tough times and even pampered me with an luxurious hotel stay so that I could rest..

all has now been cleared, and I have been busying myself with sleeping whenever I can because I am just sooooo tired so this is wayyyyy overdue.

at 17 weeks.

jerry is having a sibling!

I know. I know. gasps!

to be entirely frank, I had always wanted 3 kids (i know the husband is violently shaking his head cos he only wanted 1) but I don't think that's gonna be anywhere feasible right this moment unless I strike it rich. I have also lost the courage and gusto to even attempt with what I have gone through this round. it has made me feel that life's quite vulnerable and conceiving is actually not easy. being able to conceive and eventually give birth is yet another milestone. I look at jerry everyday and feel blessed that he is healthy and naughty and I hope it will be the same for little baby j. grow well my babies. you are munmy's precious babies.