I flew in last night, with a very heavy luggage, and hacking away. I’ve been sick the whole time in phuket, and have been plagued by phelgm.

The conference’s schedule is packed to the brim and activities into the night ends around 10pm everyday. It’s quite a struggle when you have to wake at 6+ to wash up, have breakfast and make it for the conference at 8am. Averaging about 4hrs of sleep daily, my illness went full blown and i lost my voice on the 4th day.

I missed the standard chartered run today. I was coughing badly and i got a nose bled and ended up sleeping in the whole day. =S

What a pity because it was the first race that my colleagues took part too!

Still feeling very sickly now, but heading for dinner in a while with 3goo before he flies back tomorrow. More updates when i’m back home.

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