with a short note from me. spent the weekend paying the sleep debt! gawd, i wished i didn’t have to wake.. (hee.. *choy*)

the weekend was spent in the company of movies (new moon & 2012!!), sleep, loads of me-time, some shopping (in shops and online), and trying to catch up on my work.

it’s been a tiring month thus far, but i must hang in there because the worst is yet to be over.

movies! new moon was great, but somehow.. edward doesn’t seemed to be as handsome as I thought him to be in twilight. (oops. i can feel the stares coming from some girls). i haven’t read the book (yes, the 4 books are still collecting dust), which i thought it’s great because the movies usually cannot compare the books. shall read the details when i’m more free in the coming months (hopefully).

2012 was a fantastic show imo. the special effects were good, the show is very touching throughout and well, it makes me wonder if there would be a day where it all ends… given the current global warming and eco-disasters. some of the disasters like earth quakes and tsunamis were so close to heart..

shopping wise. bagged nothing in the shops. these days, the boy seemed more of a shopping freak than i am. have been on the lookout for wedding shoes, but all of them either fall into the ugly/uncomfortable department, or that it’s robbery! errm, like $300 for a pair of non-branded shoes?! i would have bought a pair of nine west or shoes from pedder red.. but they didn’t have anything suitable.

i ended up buying 2 pairs of silver heels online. am hoping that they’ll fit! will post them in a separate post.

i know i should self motivate, but i am so dreading the end of the long weekend.. and the start of another hectic week.

ok. back to my work before the boy comes home from the boss’ wedding do at ritz.

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