My blood vessels almost burst today. I really don’t understand why while i am down to my last week at work, i have to get so exasperated and mad.

Am i not clear or what? I seriously don’t know why people like to raise their voices when things don’t really go their way.. It makes the other party frustrated, angry possibly, and it’s really not a nice scenario to be in. Sure, i can help explore, i sure won’t mind, but challenging all the perimeters that was being put in for it’s for consistency and making the system confusing isn’t the ideal situation that it should be.

Standards are set for a reason – easy maintenance. My stand is clear, it’s better to work around it than change it. How many times do we have to change since everyone knows that there’ll system limitations? And wouldn’t it serve to confuse ultimately especially that it was hard to get it right in the first place?

Blood’s boiling and i just had to end the day and scramble out of the office for some fresh air and me time.

Met jennifer at the train station to take the train together! Haha, it’s actually quite fun even though it’s a short 10mins.

Ok. Looking forward to chilling out in my own room in a while!

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