the day is about to end and i accomplished nothing. 🙁

i realised i havent been uploading pictures from my camera. no idea why. had i been busy? i cant think.

took this photo during the dinner with piggy_pat79, lilsnooze & unpolished_gem. i thought it was a really innovative and cute sign. it was drawn on the wall with crayons/color pencils.

i dont remember blogging much about the dinner due to the lack of internet connection last week so i shall input my views now. lilsnooze was such a cheery girl and she made me feel comfortable with her smiles. i feel she looked tinier in person as compared to the photos i see on her bloggie.

piggy_pat79 is a chatty babe and i find her hilarious. some of the things she says just give me stitches. heh. the dinner was fun and it’s kinda exciting hearing the girls talk about their wedding, the various customs, the topic on babies, their work and KL biz trip that piggy_pat79 embarked on. i truely enjoyed myself even though i was really tired that night.

hey girls, we’ll do this again sometime ya?

we celebration karen’s bdae in the office on monday.

i went out to meet raphael later in the night yesterday, supposedly for dinner. but we ended up in a overcrowding balaclava joining steph. i didnt enjoy myself to be truthful. i was sick in the stomach by what happened. i was seated on a stool and there was this man, who looked to be in his 50s kept bumping into me deliberately. i tried to ignore it for a while, but it got worse and worse when i deliberately shunned his attempts to make small talk. super annoying. so what he’s supposedly steph’s guy friend’s big client. doesnt mean he’s rich allows him to let his hands wander wherever he is pleased. and because it was so crowded, there wasn’t much space for me to move away.

steph came to my rescue by swapping places with me, but i felt really bad afterwards cos the man had his hands all over her body and at one time, harassing her butt! he even pecked her on her cheeks when she was slightly closer to him. my super bored face might have spoilt the night for raphael to a certain extent and i was so glad when he decided it’s time for us to escape. heh.

wandered around suntec/marina area looking for food and contemplating a movie. ended up at gluttons bay when i gobbled bah chor mee, or-luak, chicken wings and sugarcane drinks. am restricting myself on over-eating but i cant really help it when i see good food. 🙁

when we trotted back to marina for a movie, GV is closed and we missed the last show by a mere 10 mins! urgh. tried calling cineleisure for a list of movies but no one answered. seeked unpolished_gem‘s help by asking her to check the net for me. within mins, we hopped onto a cab and headed towards cine. good old michie, always there when i need her. heh.

when i hung up. raphael looked at me and gave a smile.

raf: you talking to a guy earlier rite?
me: huh? no. a girl.
raf: dont bluff, you sounded like you are talking to a guy.. *grins cheekily*
me: no! it’s a girl! (fished out my hp and showed him the call log)
raf: oh. *short silence and a little embarassment* that’s ur uni friend rite?
me: haha.. ya. *giggles*

i have no idea why he thinks im talking to a guy. Hmmmm.. *ponders*

we caught the 2.05am show. the exorcism of emily rose. raf was a little freaked out i chose this show, but there werent any other show worth watching/not watched/promised to watch with someone else. i guess it was an unnerving experience for raf cos he kept looking at me during the show. i guess his previous experience with “The Exorcist” wrecked his nerves too bad.

the scare factor wasnt that bad afterall. i think “The Maid” would have been a lot better in terms of scare factor. and “The Exorcist” was definitely a much better movie in comparison. raf kept reminding me after the show that this is a TRUE story, so its 10x more scary than anything else. *rofl*

reached home at near 5am and plonked into bed, exhausted. it’s was 3pm that i finally saw the lights today and i bummed ard till 5pm where the family headed for dinner a kopitiam at marketplace. the rest of the night was spent playing mahjong with bro, cousin and aunt before i skipped back home.

another day gone just like that, without achieving anything of particular significance. and not hearing from wei at all.