today is a day swamped with work. no. it does not mean that because i am now blogging, my work is finished. it is just that my mind has reached a mental block, i needed some dinner and i have to head to the airport in a while time (to send a friend and fetch my aunt & uncle) that i had better make some noise here and rest my mind a little.

the dizzy spells are not improving.

so much to say here and i don’t know how to start.

the tremors. i wasn’t in singapore so my mobile was beeping with friends/family asking if i felt the shaking. i was in msia, dozing off in the midst of the conference. apparently, the building shook 3 times and after the 3rd time. we were evacuated. out of puteri convention centre and stood in the burning hot sun. and after baking in black tees for about some 40 mins or so, it started to drizzle. gawd. how to even start describing the kind of feeling i am having?

the most disappointing thing about the tremors is that it came when it was going to be my turn to stand in front. to conduct games and liven up the group. well… there goes my 2hrs+ efforts of trying to create a special snakes and ladders game for the group, and the silly discussions with my colleague on how to go about livening up the whole game.

oh well. sometimes, things just does quite go as planned.

shucks. i have a lot more to say and A LOT of pictures to load up.. but i have to leave this minute! will try to blog if i am not feeling too tired after my report tonight (doubting it will happen tho)..

[blogging from the neighbour’s house]

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