i have been wanting to get my taste buds on bewurztraminer wine (with hints of lychee) for the longest time. haven’t had it for ages and last week, i dragged der to go chill. only to find the wine haunt really packed, so i carried away 3 bottles of this goodness!

i asked agnes to join us and we ended up chilling at seletar dam, complete with my picnic basket, ice box (to chill the wine), wine glasses, floor mat, and chairs… and my nikon d80. i totally forgot to bring my scrabble there or any board games to just ease the time. only got my nds which had agnes jabbing it all the time.


it was a relaxing night full of nonsense.. and it would have been perfect if not missing a mobile toilet. Hmmmm… must do this some time soon. need to make use of the picnic basket i bought in bangkok last year.

and i still remember jen screaming at me.. i don’t think you will use it.. dun buy!

i love the last 2 pictures. and agnes had to spoil it for me by pretending to dig her nose!

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