I am truly touched. This christmas eve, my mobile has been beeping non stop with greeting from all my friends and colleagues.

My work desk is filled with loads of presents that people gave me. Never had i expected so many presents.. Some of which, i don’t even expect to receive from. Such is a pleasant surprise.

I got greetings from over e world and that’s one of e things that made me smile. Kent called me from japan, Daisie messaged me from uk. Girl, thanks for e encouragement, and i’m so happy to know you kept me in your thoughts. And also, greetings from malaysia. Having friends is good. They make me smile. They make my world complete.

Thank you my friends. Really appreciate e presence you play in my life and making me smile whenever i’m down. It’s because of you, that i made it thus far and be strong. I hope, this christmas would be a fantastic one for everyone of you out there and hope everyone have a blessed 2007!