this dinner is inspired by my dream. or rather my mum’s korean drama.

on sunday morning, after sending derrick off at the airport, i bought breakfast for the family and sat in the living room eating my breakfast while my mum watched her korean drama. the plot was this eccentric interior designer that is 40 yo and single, and no friends and he ended up eating bbq alone (an activity usually done in groups).

anyway, i digress. i finished my breakfast promptly, headed back to my room to work. yes, you heard me right. but i was tired and my body just screamed in protest and i fell asleep. i dreamt that i was eating all that yummilicious beef!

so i woke up dreamily and told mum my dream! we promptly decided to go for a korean dinner. unfortunately, my brother couldn’t make it. what a damper.

anyways, i got home rather early yesterday (surprise!) and decided we should go do the korean dinner! I was still thinking about it. so, my quick fingers got to hungrygowhere webby and i zipped my mum off in the car to Square 2.

before dinner, i also did a crazy thing. i bought 5kg worth of kimchi for $50+. i must be mad, i know. but i figured if 1.2kg = $20+, the 5kg pack is much worth the moolah, especially since mum and bro are huge fans. i’m sure it will be depleted before the month is up.

on a side note, these days, i am so tired and lazy from blogging so do pardon me if it’s just boring ramblings!

ordered a set meal for 2 to share and 2 additional portions of meat! set meal comes with 1x serving of meat (for 2), rice, 10 side dishes and 1 stew of our choice. super nice and happy to look at! i so heart the juicy juicy beef!

mummy trying out all the side dishes! i didnt try them all, i was too focused on my salad, soup and the MEAT!

prime short ribs (or something like that. there were so many confusing and similar choice of cuts). this was uber delicious!

The sides – kimchi, salad, glass noodle, small bites consisting of dried shrimps, potato and black bean, spinach, carrot cake thingy and spring onions pancake, crunchy lotus, brinjals in fermented sauce, some crunchy strip stuff (i didn’t eat this so not sure what it is), the big tao geys (bean sprouts), and lastly, the onions that were supposed to go alongside with the meat.

the tofu soup! yummy stuff

the meat when is cut into strips and the crunchy vege to wrap the beef in. we had like 4 servings of those vege!

we also ordered the thinly sliced australian wagyu beef but it was a bad idea because i think it’s more suited for shabu shabu because of the thickness. I didn’t manage to take a picture of it because we took out everything from the pan the moment we put them in. they cooked too fast. so it was a bad mistake.

the other type of meat that we ordered. some prime short cuts or something. sorry. am so bad with the names! and the watermelon that was served after we were so so stuffed.

the bill came up to a whooping $170 but considering that korean food aint cheap to begin with here, i think it’s still worth the experience. I didn’t order beer, but if you are a beer lover, the food would have gone down very well with iced cold beer!

in case you were wondering, here’s the restaurant information:
hansang korean family restaurant
Square 2
10 Sinaran Drive
hungrygowhere link HERE.

at an afterthought, i think there were a lot of MSG in the food because i woke up in the middle of my sleep last night with a super dry throat. I had to guzzle down 1 x 555 big metal mug of water before i could head back to sleep.

I guess, this type of indulgence cannot happen too often. detrimental to health!

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